Master Gardener Training Class Information and Materials

Week 1 - Sept. 25

  • Pre-Test
  • Master Gardener Introductions (Name, Island; have you attended a Master Gardener training [when and where]; what do you want to learn from this class). Explain your sample – plant ID, insect, environmental or disease

Solutions for Your Life
MG South Manuals


Florida Friendly Landscape Handbook (1-16)

Plant Selection and Landscape Guide (5-28)

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods

Florida Friendly Landscaping

FYI - Books: Monroe County Environmental Story (1991) or The Florida Keys Environmental Story (1997)

Small Group activity - Select one from each group from FFL Plant Selection plants (online) grown in zone 10b or 11: large tree, medium tree, small tree, large shrub, small shrub, vine, ground cover, grass, palm and palm-like plant, perennial, annual

Hands-on activities - (soil texture-jar, soil pH, soil water)

MGs soils and fertilizers     

UF Soil and Water Science

Soil testing (EDIS)

Readings: Florida Friendly Landscape Handbook (17-21)

Week 2 - October 2

Managing Diseases and Tropical Fruit

TREC Driving Directions
18905 S.W. 280 Street, Homestead, FL 33031 Ph: 305-246-7000

  • Upon entering Florida City, take the first turn Left onto Route 997. (This is before the first red light.)
  • Proceed to Palm Avenue, turn Left.
  • Take Palm Avenue, turn Right onto Redlands (SW 187th Avenue).  Note: Post Office is on the corner.
  • Proceed to SW 280th Street, turn Left.
  • Make first Right onto TREC property, cross over speed bumps and park in front of building.  Look for the white Monroe County Dodge Caravan and Master Gardener training signs.

Please carpool. I will be leaving BPK Winn-Dixie parking lot (closest to Key Deer Blvd) at 6:30 am. I can take 5 passengers; let me know if you will ride with me. If you have any problems call Kim Gabel’s cell number: 305-587-9491.

Tropical Fruit, Jonathan Crane, Ph.D. (9:30 am to 12 pm) PowerPoint & tour
Common problems with tropical fruit trees
Ten most popular fruit trees
Tropical fruit tree culture


Readings: Avocado, Bananas, Mango IFAS fact sheets

Readings: Florida Gardener’s Resource (76-107)

Plant Pathology, Aaron Palmateer, Ph.D. (12:30 pm to 3:00 pm) PowerPoint & plant clinic tour


Review before attending Plant Pathology class:

Week 3 - October 9

MG I.E. Schilling – Organizing your Master Gardener materials

  • Rain Barrel (Video)
    Rain Barrel (How to make one)
  • Hands-on activity water test (EC testing, water infiltration exercise)

Readings: Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook (43-48)


How Trees Grow in an Urban Environment

DDIS Plant Identification (Exercise)
Interns: bring a plant for identification

Plant Identification and Information Service

          DDIS website:

          U: MCMG     P: agentkim

Site visit: (trees, palms, shrubs & ground covers) Tranquility Bay & Government Center Parking Lots

How to Use Florida-Friendly Landscaping Plant List (Articulate – home viewing)

Readings: FFL Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design

Basic Principles of Landscape Design Florida Pattern Book
Adopting Florida Friendly Landscape
Florida Tree Selector

Week 4 - Oct. 16

Week 5 - Oct. 23

Week 6 - Oct. 30

Week 7 - Nov. 6

Week 8 - Nov. 13

Week 9 - Nov. 20


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Kim Gabel 
Environmental Horticulture Agent