Treatment Methods

Cut - Stump Treatment

Plants should be removed and stumps painted within 1 minute if using Garlon 3a, Roundup Pro, or Rodeo. Two other forms of triclopyr; Garlon 4 and Pathfinder II, can be applied to the stump up to 24 hours after cutting.

Basal Bark Treatment

An application of triclopyr should be applied to the bark 6-12 inches from the ground in a band completely around the tree. Two forms of triclopyr are extremely effective (Garlon 4 and Pathfinder II). Garlon 4 should be mixed with a penetrating oil, necessary. Control may take several weeks. Because of their dried wood, standing dead exotics are much more difficult to mulch than are living trees.


Cut-Stump Basal Bark
Garlon 3a*  
Garlon 4* Garlon 4*
Pathfinder II* Pathfinder II*
Enforcer 8.8%*  
Ortho Brush B-Gone 8.0%*  
Roundup Products:
Pro 41%+
L & G 18%+
Ready 9%+

*Triclopyr is the active ingredient. It will vary in concentration depending on the manufacturer. Lower concentrations may require retreatment.

+Glyphosate is the active ingredient @ 41%

Always read and follow the label directions before applying herbicides and follow label recommendations for proper disposal of containers.