fish on iceCrushed or flaked ice is good for quick chilling of cleaned fish, and fish do not dry out as fast as when placed in refrigerated storage without ice.  

One must decide how much ice is needed for their fishing trip.  Take into consideration the length of the trip, temperature, and expected size of the catch.  Having more ice than needed is better than bringing home poor quality fish!

Store fish in coolers, with 3 inches of ice covering the bottom of the cooler.  Lay the fish in cooler, mix with ice from bottom of cooler, then cover with another layer of ice 3 inches deep.  The cooler should contain one pound of ice for each pound of fish stored in it.

After unloading your chilled catch, throw out all remaining ice to prevent bacterial buildup between trips.  Thoroughly wash and rinse the cooler with chlorinated water or a bleach water solution before adding new ice.